What To Do, What To Do…

While your bucket list for travel is practically overflowing with amazing things like elephant rides, deep sea dives and herbal pouch massages, what about the stuff that’s on your daily bucket list, like movies to see, bars to try, books to discover? Now you can keep track of it all with Soon (free), the app that helps you organize and conquer it all.

Soon breaks everything down into categories you actually care about, like restaurants, TV series, movies, music, bars and clubs, stores and more, with more categories being added every day. After everything is beautifully arranged and organized, Soon will give you all the content you need to tick that item off your list, whether it’s adding a preview, a picture, or the contacts you need to make it happen.

As a bonus, Soon will even offer up suggestions on what to do, based on what your friends are doing, plus what’s trending. With Soon, you may never have FOMO again.