Rec Room: Miami

Recreational Drinking.

Whoooa, that St. Patty's Day party on your Sovereign Superyacht was a DOOZEY. There's leprechaun juice and White Dog Whiskey in pretty much every crevice below deck and the poop deck needs a serious wash down. But you've just pulled into port in Miami and you need a place to clink glasses with some friends. We've got just the place. Rec Room in the Gale Hotel is LDV Hospitality’s latest addition to their nightlife division, and it’s already one of Miami Beach’s hottest spots.

Inspired by New York club No.8 (yes, you just saw Jay-Z there), owned by LDV brand partner Amy Sacco and Headlines & Heroes co-founder (woot woot) Bobby Rossi, Rec Room carries on the fun and exciting nightlife scene that South Beach is famous for. Located just steps below the Gale’s first floor (as all respectable rec rooms should be), the warm, wood-paneled decor is reminiscent of a best friend’s basement, circa 1974. Upscale yet approachable, you’re invited to order up a quality cocktail and let the nightly DJ’s entertain you with selections from Rec Room’s top-notch vinyl library. Tell Jeeves there’s no rush in getting the yacht cleaned. You’ll be quite comfortable right here for a while.