One Room Hotel at Tower Park Praha

Czech This Out.

Prague. City of 100 Spires. Mother of Cities. Home to an Astronomical Clock so awesome that the Prague Councilors were rumored to have blinded the clockmaker so he could never create another one like it. (It was 1490. They did stuff like that back then. And as we said, it was a REALLY awesome clock.) But that was all OLD Prague. Time to indulge in the new, hip, promise-not-to-gauge-your-eyes-out Prague, at the One Room Hotel at Tower Park Praha. Formerly a TV tower built in the 80’s under then-Communist Rule, this modern-day spire was completely refurbished and renovated in 2011-2012 and reborn the Tower Park Prague. At 216 feet, it’s the highest structure not only in Prague but the entire Czech Republic. While the lower floors house an ultra cool Observatory with interactive entertainment and suspension seats, a Michelin-starred restaurant in the sky, and sophisticated party rooms for hire, the real jewel in the crown is all the way up at the tippy top—your room.

The only hotel room in the place, as a matter of fact (hence the “One Room Hotel” moniker). Kick back on the couch with some Kafka and a flaming snifter of absinthe and try not to scream every time you notice the babies climbing up the side of the Park Tower. Relax—they’re just art. Fiberglass sculptures called Miminka (babies) by Davic Cerny that were only supposed to be temporary, but have extended their visit indefinitely, as the people of Prague are quite taken with them. Still, you’d better invite some friends over in case it starts feeling like one of them is staring at you (the Green Fairy can do crazy things to the mind). And besides, you’ve GOT to share this breath-taking panoramic view of Prague with someone. If only that clockmaker could see Prague now. Oh, right…