Four Seasons: Bora Bora

Nothing Boring About Bora Bora

Having a good time anywhere you go is one of your greatest talents. From impromptu samba dancing in Siberia, to doing a keg stand in North Korea, your vacations are never for the faint-of-heart. But sometimes even you don’t feel like dealing with polar bears or a man-child dictator. Sometimes you just want white sands, beautiful women and delicious food. Find all that and more at Four Seasons Resort Bora Bora. Although samba dancing is not out of the question on this trip, you’ll finally be able to do some serious recharging. Choose from a lavish villa to share with some friends or get some real me-time in a private bungalow. Luxuriously decorated and built over the enchanting turquoise waters of a secluded lagoon (you can actually lean out your window and find Nemo), this place lets you tango with tranquility in a way you will totally dig.

If eating is the way you like recover after saving gorillas in the Congo, they can take care of that too. The resort has three amazing restaurants to choose from. If you get a little thirsty for some island libations, head on out to the Sunset Restaurant & Bar where you can enjoy a cocktail or ten while you gaze at the sunset from its open air patios. Or, if you want to wind down with some exercise while you’re there, ask the concierge about the secret snorkeling spots, and they’ll point you in the right direction. But when it comes to base-jumping from any of Bora Bora’s volcanoes, they probably can’t help you there. That my friend, you should save for another time.