Ferrari Amusement Park

Move Over Disney World

Look out, Mickey Mouse. You’re about to be dethroned by Enzo Ferrari as the coolest guy in Orlando. Why? Rumor has it there’s a Ferrari Amusement Park coming to Orlando soon. 

And it wouldn’t be the first. The Ferrari World Theme Park in Abu Dhabi has been kicking it since 2010, and there are also parks in the works in Spain and China.

Though a supercar-themed park seems like a playground for grown men (because yes, you can test drive a Ferrari and get lessons from trained pilots), there are lots of rides for the rest of the family too, like the Formula Rossa, aka world’s fastest roller coaster, which goes from 0-149 mph in 4.9 seconds—just like a Ferrari Formula 1 car and Kahlil’s Carwash, where little ones can play with remote control Ferraris and pedal cars.

But the deal has not been sealed just yet. There are whispers that the park may also end up in Las Vegas or Mexico, but officials in Orlando are staying positive.

Ken Storey of the Orlando Tourism Report said, “I think the odds of Ferrari World coming to Orlando are pretty good. It’s a boutique park, so it’s not a full-day theme park.”
You’re on watch, Mickey.