Abercrombie & Kent Adventures

Thirsty For Adventure?

Your thirst for travel and adventure is nothing short of insatiable. But like your thirst for Dom Perignon and Rolling Stones Whisky, your taste in travel involves a healthy dose of luxury as well. In that case, turn to the trusted expertise of Abercrombie & Kent Extreme Adventures. With 50 full time offices around the world, Abercrombie & Kent has been planet earth’s foremost luxury travel company since 1962, taking travelers to every corner of the earth with local, experienced guides and giving its clients access to exclusive experiences, from private viewings in museums to archaeological sites. If you want to get a little more wild than seeing the inside of a museum, A&K can help you there too.

They operate their own African safari camps and complete with a fleet of customized safari vehicles, and they also have their own Nile cruise ships, depending on which continent you’d like to explore. And yes, they DO explore all seven continents, including Antarctica, as well as some other far flung locations like the Galapagos Islands, New Zealand’s Middle Earth, the ever-elusive Cuba. Book yourself a group holiday, a private jet journey, family travel, a solo holiday, or just about anything in between. And please, don’t forget to pack your Ziphius Aquatic Drone camera for those underwater shots—after all, the earth is 70% covered in water.