Wayv Handheld Microwave Oven

Hot Stuff, Coming Through

Just because you’re watching the sunrise over Alaska’s remote Aleutian Islands doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be able to enjoy a nice hot breakfast burrito. (Chorizo goes really nicely with Smoked Salmon Flavored Vodka.) Now you can, with the Wayv Adventurer Handheld Microwave Oven ($TBD).

The Wayv Adventurer is only about the size of a thermos, but it brings big convenience to the wilderness, heating up your food and drinks without the pesky chore of lighting a fire—especially handy when it’s raining.

Simply charge your Adventurer at home or in the car and you’ll get over 30 minutes of operational time, which gives you six hot meals or drinks. On an extended trip in the wild? It works with portable solar panels too.

The Adventurer is totally safe, since it was developed for the military and it’s extremely versatile, since it can be used wherever there are no fires or open flames allowed. Look for it to launch in early 2017.