Vi AI Personal Trainer

Train With A Robot

We’re not suggesting you shadowbox with your room service robot (though that actually sounds kind of fun), but you CAN whip your ass into shape with an Artificial Intelligence trainer. Meet Vi, the Al Personal Trainer who lives inside a pair of biosensing earphones. Intrigued? We thought you might be.

Just pop Vi in your ears and start your workout. Every day, Vi will not only track you and record all of your activity, it (or should we say she?) gets smarter every day and acts like a coach to improve your workouts and help you see results faster. All of this as you listen to your music with high-quality sound by Harmon Kardon.

So what kind of coaching are we talking? As you run, Vi can sense your heart rate and understand your physiology, so she might tell you to quicken your pace or slow it down to hit your target heart rate. She’ll even ask you questions about how you’re feeling—and understand the answers. #workoutgoals