VESSI Beer Fermentor & Dispenser

Homemade Beer In 7 Days

Frank the Tank (that’s you), meet Vessi the Tank, your new friend that lets you brew your own beer at home in as little as a week, no muss, no fuss. Ok, its real name is VESSI Beer Fermentor & Dispenser ($1900 pre-order) and it’s about to change home-brewing for good.

Vessi is a single tank fermentor and dispenser that’s completely sealed, pressurized and temperature-controlled, which means it seriously cuts down on all the risky factors that can ruin your brew.

But most amazingly, Vessi perfects a process that typically takes four weeks of work— lifting, sanitizing, siphoning, conditioning, bottling—and shaves it into a quick seven days. Since the tank is pressurized, everything inside stays carbonated, so there’s no need to force carbonate or bottle condition your beer. Just put your feet up and chant your new favorite song: Vessi the Tank! Vessi the Tank! Vessi the Tank!