Retro Post 1988: Trapper Keeper

Stylish School Supplies

Velcro?  Check.  Wraparound flap?  Check.  Rad new designs?  Check.  The makers of Mead’s sought-after Trapper Keepers ($55.00+) have upped the design ante this year with a cool new “Designer Series” for their popular binders. Here’s a quick look at what you can expect for the ’88 school year: awesome “Saved by the Bell” type graphics  (i.e. a teal background with orange and pink sprinkles and 3-dimensional orbs), swooshes of primary colors, a penguin playing volleyball (an iguana going up for a spike is also available), a red Lamborghini, a montage of all things cool (an electric guitar, a pair of neon shades, a pink ’57 Chevy and a glass of cherry cola.  Oh, and some inflatable palm trees), unicorns, scenic hot air balloons, frolicking tigers, frolicking horses, and our personal favorite, a basket full of kittens.  These bodacious designs definitely make the grade.