Today Clock

The Valium Of Clocks

Let’s face it—clocks are f’ing stressful. The endless ticking. The incessant tocking. The insane precision of the second hands, screaming that you’re late, you’re too slow, your life is slipping away. Okay, maybe that’s a tad dramatic, but wouldn’t it be nice if your day was simplified into easy pieces like dawn, noon, dusk and midnight? The Today Clock ($88-$365 depending on model) does just that.

This calming, 24-hour clock from designer Scott Thrift separates your day into manageable slices to “take the edge off time.” Armed with just one hand (pun intended), the Today Clock moves at half the speed of a regular clock and makes one full rotation every day. Choose from wall or desk clocks in Bamboo or Steel and Glass to inspire balance in your day. Namaste.