Tiny Tower Portable Laptop Stand

Protect Ya Neck (And Spine)

You run, you work out, stretch. Your body is happy. Then you get to work, hunch over your laptop for hours and completely mangle your spine, shoulders and neck. Your body is not so happy. So what to do? Don’t quit your job—get a Tiny Tower Portable Laptop Stand ($TBD), launching on Kickstarter soon.

The Tiny Tower is a sleek, aluminum stand that holds any laptop up to 15 inches. It’s completely adjustable, with ten different heights so you can make it whatever size best fits you.

Going somewhere? The Tiny Tower folds down flat in ten seconds, and it even comes with its own protective sleeve. And if you are on the move, we highly recommend you take the Tiny Tower with you—your body will thank you. And so will your partner. Nobody wants to date Quasimodo.