Catch It All With This Dash Cam

While Chamillionaire is all about Ridin’ Dirty (remember that from 2005?), you can be all about ridin’ dirty AND safely, with the THINKWARE X330 Dash Cam ($180). When mounted on your dash, this compact piece of tech captures a full, 140° Wide Angle view of every mile you drive, day or night, in crystal clear, 1080p Full HD video.

A bright, 2.7-inch LCD display lets you watch a live feed, change settings or check out videos of recorded events, and the THINKWARE X330 uses the TAT (Time Allocation Table) save system lets you check out video files on your computer or smartphone without having to convert them first.

An optional GPS Tracker can record your vehicle’s exact location, route, driving speed plus the time and severity of a collision. And, for added safety, your Dash Cam will alert you about approaching traffic cameras, red lights and other safety enforcements. Way to protect ya neck as you ride dirty.