Swim Spa Luxema 8000

Hot And Bubbly x 2

Know what’s more fun than a hot tub? Another layer of hot tub…plus a flat screen TV, a bar and a built-in sound system. Sound like a dream come true? It is. A dream that’s become a reality called the Swim Spa Luxema 8000. A company run by geniuses (we presume) named SPAmbient in Slovenia has created the ultimate effervescent party destination, with the two-tiered Luxema 8000, designed to hold over 2,600 gallons of water, and a whole lot of party people. The lower deck has six water-jet lined seats, a perfect view of the flat screen, and easy access to the bar. Up top, it’s relaxation station. So grab yourself a glass of (rī)1 Whiskey with a few Perfect Ice Cubes and take it down a notch. Or better yet, pop some bubbly. It’s about to get even bubblier.