Surface Tension Arcade Table

The Mullet Of Coffee Tables

Quick: what’s the best way to describe a mullet? No, not a Canadian waterfall (but good answer). The answer we were looking for was “business in the front, party in the rear.” Because this Surface Tension Arcade Table ($4,500) follows pretty much the same philosophy. At first glance, it’s a sophisticated, dark glass and wood coffee table. But look a little closer and a world of old-school arcade fun opens up. That glass? It’s really an LCD screen programmed to play video games. That sliding panel? It’s not a drawer that holds coasters and Enya CD’s, it’s hiding a Shuttle PC system, plus a panel equipped with arcade buttons and joysticks. Each style—the Double7, Arcane and Dual—is pre-installed with classic games (the first two models have over 100), and all three of them are handsome enough to grace even the classiest of living spaces. So your Pacman-loving secret is safe with us.