Steaklocker Steak Fridge

Move Over, Wine Fridge. It’s A Steak Fridge.

Quick! What’s the first thing you do at a steakhouse (besides order a martini)? You size up the dry-aged meat behind the glass and pick out exactly which specimen you want, salivating all the while. Well, now you can salivate in the comfort of your own home, with the newly Kickstarter-funded Steaklocker Steak Fridge ($555). For the first time ever, you’ll be able to professionally and safely dry age red meat in the comfort of your own home, and ultimately save at least 50%-70% on what you’d pay retail for a dry aged steak. Why dry age your beef? It’s kind of like what cave aging does for cheese or a big red wine—simply put, it makes it taste better. After just 18-21 days in the Steaklocker, your beef will get incredibly tender, just from letting natural enzymes do their thing.

Let it go for up to 70 days and the flavor gets better too, taking on a nutty taste profile. And it couldn’t be easier. Just buy a bone-in steak, like a Ribeye or Sirloin, pop it into the Steaklocker and wait. The Steaklocker works just like the ones you’ll find in your favorite steakhouse only better, thanks to a mix of old world techniques with modern technology. They’ve even got a unique, patent-pending digital hygrometer controller that allows you to adjust the settings to vary the flavor and tenderness of your meat and ensure the perfect internal humidity. The Steaklocker was designed to fit seamlessly into your kitchen, decked out in stainless steel and built at cabinet size, so it can either be seamlessly installed alongside your cabinets or act as a standalone unit. The only thing left to decide is where to relocate that wine fridge…