Speck Pocket-VR

A Whole World In Your Pocket

As if your phone didn’t distract you enough with Instagram, sports scroes and that group text you’re on with Scorsese, Jonah Hill and DiCaprio. Now you can have the power of virtual reality in your pocket with a Speck Pocket-VR ($69.95), the compact, portable VR viewer that’s also a case for your iPhone6/6S and Samsung Galaxy S7.

The Speck Pocket-VR functions just like a Google Cardboard viewer, but it’s made of durable plastic and its collapsible design keeps lenses protected and scratch-free. Bungees let the retractable side panels open easily and ensure it stays closed when you want it to.

To jump into a virtual reality world, just download the Google Cardboard app and pair your smartphone with Pocket-VR using the QR code on the back of your viewer. Slide the lenses out of the Pocket-VR, pop your phone in and take a peek through the lenses—you are officially on the surface of the moon, on a roller coaster or being chased by a dinosaur. Good luck out there.