Soon Hotels Robot Whisperer

Knock Knock. Who's There? Your Robot.

We already live in age where robots—both four– and two-legged—are being designed to deliver aid to bombed out disaster areas. But now, robots can be useful on a level that’s much closer to home—or hotel. As in, delivering that grilled cheese and tomato soup you just ordered from room service. Introducing the Soon Hotels Robot Whisperer from start-up company Savioke. Their newest robot, Relay, has already been deployed in about 10 locations—much to the surprise and delight of some unsuspecting hotel guests. But before you start dreaming of hanging out poolside with Relay or getting an in-room robot massage, we should tell you that as of now, Relay is only programmed to do a few simple tasks—which are still incredibly awesome.

Say you call down to the front desk for an extra towel or order a Caesar Salad. Hotel staff can simply place your item into Relay’s compartment and he’s off. The robot knows how to take the elevator up to your floor and get to your room. Once you open the door, Relay opens his compartment, and voila. Dinner is served. He may even stay long enough for your to take a selfie with him. The Relay was designed to blink so as to appear more human-like, and it also makes bleeping noises, just like R2-D2. However, Savioke was careful not to make their robots TOO humanlike, however, because they don’t want guests to think they’re smarter than they are. For now, though, we foresee LOTS more room service orders in our near future, because the only thing that could be better than late night pizza is late night pizza delivered by a robot.