Sony A5000 Camera

This Is Flippin’ Awesome!

A smartphone camera is perfectly fine for taking selfies to share on social media, but if you've got bigger plans for that shot of you and Miranda Kerr (sorry, Orlando), you're going to need something with a few more mega pixels. Enter the Sony A5000 Camera ($4448). With a screen that flips up and tilts 180 degrees and a self-portrait-friendly zoom lever you can easily operate with one hand, this 20.1MP camera is sure to deliver your self-administered money shot just the way you like it.

All those pixels plus Sony Exmor APS HD CMOS technology and a built-in pop-up flash get you high resolution and DSLR quality images, even in low-light situations. The Auto Object Framing feature has two-portrait capability that fills the frame with your subject, and the Face Detection and Tracking Focus features guarantee a great composition every time. Then, once you and Miranda’s photo shoot is over, one-touch NFC connectivity lets you upload to Facebook and other social media sites directly from your camera. Wait ‘til the Twittersphere gets a load of you.