SilverLit RC Heli Blaster

Your Very Own Chopper

Want to relive last weekend when you took that Blade chopper out to the Hamptons? Check out this SilverLit RC Heli Blaster, a remote-controlled helicopter that’ll keep you entertained until next Friday rolls around again.

This puppy comes ready to fly right out of the box, with a 3-Channel infrared remote control transmitter. Just grab the joystick, pull the throttle up and you’re in business.

The Heli Blaster’s rechargeable lithium flight battery and integral charger (which can charge directly from the transmitter, by the way) let you play for hours indoors, dropping plastic rockets all over your desk, apartment, and that scale model of that house you’re building in Montauk. You’re planning on building a helipad out there anyway, right?