Scanomat Top Brewer

Sleep No More

Let’s be honest—sleep is for suckers. No one’s ever scaled a mountain, rappelled down a waterfall, or beat Call of Duty’s Zombie Bonus Game in his sleep. And you’re no sucker. To stay bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, you need the Scanomat Top Brewer, an elegant, discreet, and fully automatic coffee machine poised to redefine how people perceive a coffee brewer. Its beautiful, patented stainless steel tap can be built into any tabletop (the machine part hides underneath), and everything you need is right there in the faucet, including the world’s smallest milk foamer, installed right at the very tip of the coffee tap. Or it can dispense chilled drinking water, cold milk, hot water for tea, or even steam. If all that weren’t cool enough, you can control your Top Brewer by iPhone or iPad, letting it know whether you’d prefer a cappuccino, americano, espresso, macchiato or latte today. Actually, better make that all five. Today seems like a Call of Duty marathon kind of day.