Samsung Powerbot Vacuum

Vacuuming? Fun?

We know—vacuuming is not exactly fun. But powering up an advanced piece of machinery to achieve a clean, dust-free floor happens to be very fun, if only for the satisfaction of watching it work from the couch, whiskey in hand, television on. The Samsung Powerbot VR9000 Vacuum ($999.99) can make that a reality.

This tank of a vacuum not only cleans 20 times better than any other robot vacuum brand out there, its EasyPass wheels helps it roll right over obstacles on the floor that would stall a lesser robot.

An onboard digital camera works with ten smart sensors to map your home and help determine the best cleaning path, and the VR9000 is also smart enough to detect the difference between hard floors and carpets, adjusting its cleaning action for each.

While you could just keep this puppy on autopilot, if there’s a spot you know needs some extra love, just point the remote’s laser beam to a specific spot and watch it go to work. All without spilling your drink.