Samsung Gear IconX

The Music Is IN The Headphones

Carrying your phone or iPod with you on a run can suck. The music skips, it’s heavy in your pocket, or worst of all, someone calls or texts, ruining your vibe and messing up your mojo. Wouldn’t it be nice to ditch the extra weight and just work out in peace? You can do just that with the Samsung Gear IconX ($199.99), the wireless headphones with their own built-in music player and fitness tracker.

These lightweight, gel-tipped earbuds will be your favorite workout bud(dies), because not only do they hold 4GB of music (about 1000 songs), they can also wirelessly stream music from your phone.

Touch notifications let you switch songs, take calls or turn on ambient sound mode with just a tap, and there’s a built-in activity tracker and heart rate monitor that can wirelessly sync to your smartphone and health apps. Smart.