Roku Streaming Stick

Your OTHER Streaming Stick

Everybody knows you’re QUITE happy with the streaming stick you have now (and have yet to hear any complaints), but let’s focus on technology for a second. The Roku Streaming Stick ($50.00 – $100) compresses Roku’s traditional set-top software into a device the size of a USB flash drive. Just plug it into your television’s HDMI port to utilize Roku’s Mobile High-Definition Link (MHL) spec, and you’ll instantly gain access to an array of Roku’s web service applications, and plus their 400 channels, like Netflix, HBO Go, Amazon Instant, Pandora, MLB.TV, and Rdio. The Streaming Stick keeps your Smart TV with built-in software from ever becoming obsolete, because it’s all about upgradability and space. Look for it in the Fall of 2012, and until then, just enjoy with the streaming stick you have.