Rif6 Cube Mobile Projector

Big Screen. Little Cube.

Is that a “Godfather” in your pocket or are you just happy to see us? Wait, how can you have a “Godfather” in your pocket? Actually, you can have all the movies and TV shows you want in your pocket, thanks to this compact little box—the Rif6 Cube Mobile Projector ($299).

This teeny, tiny, 2-inch mobile projector can instantly transform any screen, wall, or even the ceiling into a 120-inch movie screen with a killer picture. Just connect the Rfi6 to any smartphone, tablet, HDMI cable or video game console or just insert a MicroSD card directly into the Rif6. Then just point it at a flat surface and let the movie magic begin.

The projector even comes with a remote control, tripod, charger and four connector cables to fit various devices. This is clearly a technology offer you can’t refuse.