Power Tap Wall Charger

Let The Juice Loose.

USB ports, micro-USB ports, Lightning connectors, 30 pin connectors, Androids—a whole bunch of things no one ever even heard of 15 years ago. But today, they’re absolutely essential to daily life, and to be honest, they’re even becoming a tad burdensome and boring. Add a little fun to your daily recharging sessions with the Power Tap Wall Charger ($20.00).

The perfect, fun men’s gift for just about anyone with a pulse, the Power Tap charger looks just like a water faucet, only it dispenses electricity with a turn of its spigot. Just plug the Power Tap into the wall, and attach to any device with a USB cable right up into its faucet head. Turning the tap allows you to turn the flow of electricity on or off, and it will glow blue or red to let you know whether or not your device is charging. See, now didn’t your day just get more fun already?