Pong Table

Pong. Is. Good.

Pong in all forms is good. Ping Pong, Beer Pong, Mini Beer Pong, and of course, Pong the old gamer classic from Atari. But until super fan Daniel Perdomo came along, Pong never existed in the physical world—and now it does, thanks to the Table Pong Project.

Its creator describes it as a “real physical version and homage to the first video game ever” and so far, it lives up to its description. This 3D, real representation of Pong consists of a rectangular table with a square ball that bounces back and forth with the help of magnets, propelled by paddles on each side.

Perdomo is still gathering funding, and if the investors are there, you can expect Table Pong to come to market, and to a living room near you. Until then, it looks like your Atari Video Game Kit will be getting its regular Tuesday night workout.