Pilot Translating Earphones

What Language Barrier?

You’re in the terraced gardens of the Hotel Caruso, sipping a Negroni and enjoying the view of the Amalfi Coast. A beautiful woman says, “Buona sera.” You hear, “Good evening.” How? You’re wearing Pilot Translating Earphones ($199 early bird), the world’s first smart earpiece language translator.

This magical system from Waverly Labs lets people who speak different languages clearly understand each other, in their own language, in real time. Whoa.

Now in development, the Pilot is an incredible combination of wearable technology, speech recognition, machine translation and voice synthesis. It comes with two noise-cancelling earpieces—one for you, one for whoever you’re speaking to—plus an app and a portable charger. When someone speaks, their voice passes through the smartphone app, which listens, translates and spits the translation back into the earpiece of whoever they’re talking to.

Initially, the Pilot will be available for English, Spanish, Italian, French and Portuguese, with more languages to follow. Mama Mia!