Retro Post 1984:The Omnibot

A Personal Servant That Runs On Batteries

Your trusty butler Marvin is a real stand up guy. But lately, you’ve been noticing some of his shortcomings. He doesn’t play music. He doesn’t run by remote control. Nor does he have an internal digital clock. Before you sigh that it’s so hard to find good help these days, allow us to introduce you to your new employee–The Omnibot. The ‘bot does all of the above, in addition to carrying a tray in its claw, which can be loaded up with whatever it is your heart desires–Reese’s Pieces, a can of Tab, a fresh set of batteries to keep your new friend nice and perky. A built-in cassette player not only plays music, but can record and play back a sequence of commands, in addition to regular audio recording, and Omnibot’s remote control can broadcast speech from its handset through a speaker on the robot. As in, “Marvin, you’re fired.” The future of modern day help is finally here.