For Killer Underwater Footage.

You, some Great Whites, and a bucket of chum. Sounds like a sick beginning to the greatest movie ever made. Clearly, you're going to be operating without a full crew here, since no other human on earth has the cohones to go with you, but no matter, you've got the Octomask ($80.00) and that's all you need. This underwater dive mask has a built-in Go Pro camera mount so you can catch all the action hands-free, which is a good thing, since you’re probably going to need your hands to hold the dive lights, check your dive computers, and fight off all those sharks. The Octomask works with any model of GoPro cameras, as well as Intova cameras, with the addition of a tripod adaptor. Plus, the mask can go as deep as you do, which is great news for the Deep Sea Frilled Shark and Fangtooth Fish sequels you’re planning.