Master Chef

When you close your eyes you can still taste the unforgettable sous-vide foie gras you had in France last summer. While you do frequent the City of Lights quite often, a perfectly poached duck liver isn’t always worth the jet lag. What may have been out of reach to a home cook previously is now possible with the Nomiku ($300). The immersion circulator for sous vide cooking uses precise heat to create perfect dishes. Just put your desired ingredients into a bag, give it an airtight seal, and then rest it in a Nomiku controlled water bath. The Nomiku clips on to any pot and features one simple knob that you turn to adjust the temperature. The resulting food is tender, moist, and delicious. With food this good coming out of your kitchen so easily, you might never have to fly to Paris again… then again, your Parisian lovers would miss you too much.