Mophie Charge Force Wireless Power

Easy. Juicy. Mophie.

While you typically need at least a week in Bali to recharge, replenishing your smartphone’s power is decidedly easier (and cheaper), with the Mophie Charge Force Wireless Charging Bases ($39.95). Just pop any wireless-charging enabled smartphone onto one of these four sleek bases and let the juices flow. No cords, no hassle, no worries.

Internal magnets ensure your phone will be perfectly aligned to the base, where they automatically charge quickly, with a charging speed of up to 1.0A.

The Charge Force is ready to charge wherever you are, with four options—a Juice Pack Wireless case for your phone, a wireless Charging Base for around your home, a Vent Mount for the car and a Desk Mount that lets you adjust the phone to whatever height and angle you need, whether it’s to watch a Youtube video or maybe Skype with your travel agent about that trip to Bambu Indah