Monkii Bars

Go Out. Work Out.

It doesn't matter that your home gym has a panoramic view of the Pacific Ocean (one of the perks of your Malibu beach house). Working out inside will still never be as fun as working up a real sweat in the great outdoors. Monkii Bars ($120) make that possible. Monkii Bars are a very simple yet effective suspension system that let you train pretty much anywhere.

Lightweight and uber-portable, Monkii Bars are composed of 2 hard maple bars, two 18ft sections of Spectra lines (a proprietary rope similar to what’s use in rock climbing) and adjusters that help you set up your workout anywhere in under a minute. Just remove the plug at the end of your Monkii Bar, and take out the line. Toss it over any support structure, (like a tree), adjust the loop to be whatever size you need for any particular exercise. Then get ready to sweat using your own bodyweight to strengthen your core, legs and upper body. Monkii See, Monkii Do, Monkii See Results.