Master Lock Bluetooth Smart Padlock

No Combos Necessary

Combos are delicious (we’re partial to the Pepperoni Pizza flavor ourselves), but trying to remember the numbers that will open your combination lock is L-A-M-E. And now you don’t have to, with the Master Lock Bluetooth Smart Padlock ($70 Indoor; $89 Outdoor), which you can magically open with your phone. Just stand close to it, hit any button and voila—it’s open.

You can even give other people access to open your lock, like friends, family or workers. It can be anytime, or you can limit access to certain days of the week or even certain times of day. The app will even keep a log of everyone who’s entered and when.

Tamper alerts will let you know if someone is trying to mess with your lock, and if you forget your phone, no worries—you can just enter a directional code and pop that lock no problem. Now finally, your stash of Combos and Sriracha Popcorn will be safe.