Knock, Knock. Lights Out.

What if you could control everything in your home with your fist (and we don’t mean an iron fist?) With the Knocki ($99 Kickstarter price), you can, because this innovative Kickstarter champion transforms any surface into a remote control. Just connect Knocki to one of many devices, program it to do what you want, knock, and be amazed at your power.

Say you stick a Knocki under your countertop. Then you knock twice. Knocki’s patent-pending technology will sense those knocks and make all kinds of cool stuff happen: turn on the TV, dim the lights, find your phone, even send your mom a text to tell her you’re home.

The possibilities are practically endless. You can set Knocki to play, skip or pause music, turn on your coffee maker from bed, or you can connect it to your Nest to adjust your thermostat without leaving the couch. Attach Knocki to the front door and when someone knocks, it’ll send you a text alert. Plus, when the Zombie Apocalypse starts, Knocki can even activate an alarm or instantly send a distress signal. Phew.