Klipschorn 70th Anniversary edition

Is This The World’s Perfect Speaker?

When a brand is around for a long time—Ferrari, Johnny Walker, Clue—you know they must be doing something right. But are the Klipschorn 70th Anniversary Edition Speakers ($16k per pair) the absolute best in the world?

For one, they’ve been around for 70 years. And according to the American company, their fundamental design “cannot be improved according to the laws of physics” thanks to its patented low-frequency horn and the original corner-horn loudspeaker’s folded low frequency enclosure. So it’s got science going for it.

But now, in honor of its seven-decade run of awesomeness, they’ve kicked it up a notch, creating 70 limited edition sets of speakers out of stunning, book-matched Australian Walnut veneer. The special edition speakers also feature an enhanced, rear low-frequency horn, a new product nameplate, and a plaque stating its identifying numbered sequence as well as the signature of the craftsman who created it.

Your new speakers will via complimentary white glove delivery, and yeah, you can pay in installments. Sounds pretty close to perfect to us.