iPad BookArc

Everything In Its Right Place

As your Feng Shui Master Yin Pun has instructed you, life flows more smoothly when everything in its right place, from your bed to your balcony to your full-length funhouse mirror. In that spirit, you should be able to place your iPad exactly where you want it to be. The BookArc ($30.00) for iPad helps you do just that. Its handsome stand is made of heavy gauge steel, with a soft silicone, reversible inset that allows you to hold your iPad in four different positions: both portrait and landscape mode can be placed in “work mode,” aka at a 75-degree reclined angle, or upright in “storage mode,” which comes in handy if you want to use it as a photo frame or to watch streaming video. All four positions allow you to charge, and even turn your iPad into a work station with the simple addition of a wireless keyboard. Now, if you could only figure out where to put that damn velvet Parisian Love Seat.