Home Star Planetarium Pro

Make Every Night A Starry, Starry Night

Having witnessed the dazzling, star-filled night sky from both the North and the South Poles in your various travels, it’s something of a let-down to try and stargaze from a major city, what with all the smog and light pollution. But now you can witness the heavens right from inside your home with the Home Star Planetarium Pro ($400). With the touch of a button, you can transport 60,000 stars right into your room with high resolution lenses that project a stunning true sky image with white LED lights. Designed by Guinness Book of Records-holding planetarium expert Takayuki Ohira, the Home Star Planetarium comes with two interchangeable projection disks that accurately feature the stars of the northern hemisphere as we see them. For added authenticity, you can set the projector to rotate, and even turn on the “shooting stars” function to mimic the earth flying through an asteroid belt. A great way to unwind and reminisce about your adventures—and await your upcoming Outer Space Balloon Capsule Ride.