Google home

Knock, Knock. Who’s There? Google.

Get the door—it’s Google Home (price and release date TBD), the voice-activated home product that wants to kick Alexa to the curb. Like the Amazon Echo, Google Home will let you ask questions, stream music, control your smart home and complete other little tasks throughout your day.

But the question is, will Google Home be better than Alexa? Though it likely won’t be out until next spring (with hopefully a soft launch on November), tech pubs like “CNET” and “Fast Company” think it has potential.

For one, Google Home will let you control music in any room as long as you have Google Cast-enabled speakers, while Amazon Echo devices don’t sync with each other, so you can’t create stereo sounds with more than one speaker. Google Home’s sound is promised to be super high-quality too, since the speakers will stream music directly from the cloud.

Plus, the Google Home will be easy to talk to. Literally. A demonstration at a Google I/O conference showed that Google Home is much more conversational than the Echo and can understand voice commands more easily, since it’s backed by the power of the Google search engine.

Finally, you’ll also be able to customize the way your Google Home looks, with various colors and materials that can match any room. Though looks aren’t everything, we’re sure Alexa would appreciate a new outfit.