Retro Post 1989: GameBoy

Mario And Luigi Take To The Streets

They’re short. They’re moustached. They like to bash their heads into bricks for coins. And now, Mario and Luigi can accompany you anywhere and everywhere you go. Introducing the Nintendo Game Boy. An 8-bit handheld gaming device at the forefront of gaming technology, that will change the way you feel about going to church forever. This portable fun-box has almost all the fun of a full-sized Nintendo system, and runs on 4 AA batteries, with the option to connect to an external rechargeable battery back or AC adapter. A 3.5 mm stereo jack connects to headphones or speakers, so you won’t disturb the sermon–unless of course you shout out in celebration when you save Princess Toadstool. Game Boy comes with Tetris; Super Mario Land, Baseball, Tennis and Alleyway sold separately. It doesn’t get much more high-tech than this.