Flicks Boombox Projector

The World Is Your Movie Theatre

Want to watch “Say Anything” anywhere? Or watch “Stranger Things” in a strange place (maybe the side of a barn in Indiana)? Watch all of it anywhere with a Flicks Boombox Projector ($599), the cordless, mobile party projector that brings video, audio, music and entertainment anywhere—no outlets necessary.

Flicks combines a HiFi audio system with a sick 720p HD LED projector that lets you watch eight hours worth of movies on a single charge. Just stick a streaming media device (like a Roku, Chromecast or Amazon FireTV Stick) into its HDMI port, or connect to an HDMI cable and you’re good to go.

If you just want to listen to music, Flicks is also Bluetooth-enabled boombox that can party for 56 hours, streaming music directly from your phone or tablet. Inside, you’ll find custom designed speakers plus a subwoofer with a bass radiator system for incredible sound clarity and pulse-rocking bass. Who needs Ibiza?