Fender Defender

Rich people problem #407: your vintage ‘67 Ferrari doesn’t have the same parking sensor technology you have on your Audi A8 L Extended. Bollocks. Well, before you let this dastardly issue ruin your afternoon truffle shake, check out the FenSens ($99 Indiegogo Earlybird), an incredibly simple backup sensor you can screw right onto your license plate frame.

Skip the expensive trip to the car guy and use their custom security screws to affix the frame onto any car in less than 5 minutes. Download the FenSens app for Android or iOS and you’re ready to go.

Next time you park, FenSens will detect objects up to 10 feet away, and the app will provide audio or vibration alerts plus a cool visual display to make sure you and your precious fenders are in the clear. You can even set the app to launch hands-free. We think we just heard your Ferrari breathe a sigh of relief.