Feniks Essence Desktop Speaker

Serious Sound. Unfettered Design.

Listen up, all you audiophiles. These speakers were designed for you by you—aka other audiophiles, who also happen to have a penchant for clean, tasteful design and impeccable engineering. Introducing the Feniks Essence Desktop Speakers ($1449) the “Swiss watch of loudspeakers” and in case you’re wondering, yes, they are made in Switzerland, where they’re assembled by hand.

Compact and cutting edge, the Feniks Essence Speakers deliver high-end performance that will bring all of your music, movies and TV shows to life—because let’s face it, you stream most of both from your computer anyway. Their diminutive size makes them perfect for small spaces like your office or bedroom, and you can use any input you choose, from a 3.5mm or RCA analog input or an optical Toslink input for TV’s or Bluetooth receivers. Choose from eight simple colorways in a combo of black, white, red and blue—may as well please your eyes as well as your ears.