DesignBoom 3D Printed OceanScraper

Forget Skyscrapers. Check Out This OceanScraper.

With the polar ice caps melting and oceans rising, it’s only a matter of time before ocean living becomes the smartest solution for earth’s growing population. That’s why architect Vincent Callebaut is in the R&D stages of creating an “OceanScraper” called Aequorea, a sustainable housing compound that sits on the water.

Each Aequorea village will be able to hold 20,000 residents, or ‘Aquanauts’ and will contain modular living pods, co-working spaces, recycling plants, sports fields and layered aquaponic farms. Callebaut imagines his initial OceanScraper would fit in quite nicely just off the coast of Brazil’s Ipanema Beach. Move over Olympics, hello Aequorea!