Braven Fuse

This One’s For Your Inner DJ

Shhhhhh…listen. You hear that little voice inside you? The one that’s saying, “The roof….the roof….the roof is on fire…” That’s your inner DJ. And your inner DJ wants you to get the Braven Fuse ($100), so you can party with all your friends and their inner DJ’s too.

The Braven Fuse is a palm-sized, portable mixing console made for multi-person use, that can pair with two Bluetooth devices—like smartphones, iPods and tablets—simultaneously, so you and a friend can fade and mix two audio streams to customize your music however you want it. To achieve the perfect sound, the Fuse has a cross-fade slider and 7 dials including 2 LR Hi, 2 LR Mid, 2 LR Low and 1 Main Volume Level. Just pair the Fuse with your Bluetooth speakers and pump up that jam for 8 hours on a single charge. Now, back to the music. “We don’t need no water, let the mother f*cker burn…”