Bonx Wearable Walkie Talkie

Talk It Out, Outside.

You and your Sherpa are headed up Kilimanjaro. About halfway up, you wonder—did he make you ham and cheese for lunch or Fluffernutter, like you asked for? With the BONX Grip ($98 early bird) you can ask him, without even breaking your stride, because these wearable walkie talkies enable group conversations between up to ten outdoor athletes at a time, easy peasy.

Bonx Grip combines a rugged Bluetooth earpiece with a cutting-edge group-talk app and unlimited range—if your phone has reception, you can chat all you want. The best part is, you don’t even have to touch a button to communicate—just start talking. The dual microphone has digital noise cancellation, and a multi-layered wind noise reduction system lets you hear each other even in windy conditions.

The water- and shock-resistant Bonx Grip earphones also have an open back, so you can still hear things around you, for safety—even as your Sherpa tells you, yes, your Fluffernutter sanny is packed and ready to go. Sweet.