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Roadtrip Video Recorder

Caught On Tape.

As an avid safari enthusiast you’ve stalked and been stalked by big game more times than you can count. And there was that time the local bush tribe turned hostile and you were forced to evacuate in a hurry. In those moments you don’t always have the presence of mind to record video. The Roadtrip Video Recorder ($130) has you covered. Attach it to the windshield of your Earth Roamer XV-JP and record video of all your wild encounters in color at a 640 X 480 resolution.

The camera features a 120-degree angle lens, an 8X zoom, and an integrated motion detector that will automatically record when it senses the automobile moving. You can watch the adventure unfold on a 2.4” LCD screen. Four infrared LEDs allow nighttime recording, which will come in handy when you’re hunting (or running from) a herd of South African Blue Wildebeest.