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Power Bed Risers

Get High On Power

No matter how big your bankroll is, you’ve got to face the fact that your New York apartment will never have the space you enjoy in your California Craftsman (sigh, the hazards of being bicoastal). When space is at a premium, you’ve got to be smart about how your store stuff, hence your boombox-looking Home Storage System and handy Urban Shelf. Now we’ve got another trick to increase your storage space, and get some extra juice while you’re at it, with these Power Bed Risers With Power Outlet ($30.00). These smart little devices jack up your bed a full seven inches, helping you make use of otherwise wasted space beneath your bed. But the genius doesn’t end there. One of the bed risers has built-in twin 110-volt, 15-amp grounded power outlets, plus twin USB 5-volt DC outlets with charging light so you can plug your phone or other USB-charged device right into the foot of your bed. A six-foot long cord lets you plug your bed into the nearest power outlet to reduce clutter. Now that’s being city smart.