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Screening Room

Movie Opening Night: Coming To Your Couch

No more waiting in line for tickets. No more sitting behind a guy with a giant noggin. No more $85 sodas. With Screening Room, you’ll never have to step foot in a movie theatre again. The latest brainchild of Napster cofounder Sean Parker, Screening Room is a proposed set top box and VOD service that would bring movies into your home the very same day they hit theatres.

Rumor has it the controversial box would go for $150, with each new release coming in at $50, which may seem outrageous, until you do the math and realize that a movie outing for 4 people would cost upwards of $80. So if you invite some friends over and all chip in, yeah, Screening Room makes sense.

Hollywood is split on the matter, with backing from the likes of Steven Spielberg, Martin Scorsese and Ron Howard as well as some big dog studios like Universal, Fox, and Sony. Even Netflix announced that they’d get in on the action and make their films available on the service. But there are also naysayers, like James Cameron and Christopher Nolan, who worry that viewers would lose the theatrical presentation that makes their films so special.

Only time will tell, but with TVs getting massive and high-tech as they are, the movie experience could still be pretty awesome at home.