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From The Vault: Nov. 21, 1877

Hey Mr. DJ!

Can you imagine life with no Kanye West, Skrillex, or better yet no Hip-Hop at all? <Gasp!> It’s unthinkable. So where did the beginning of recorded music come from? Program your Electric Delorean to November 21, 1877 and head over to Menlo Park, New Jersey. There you’ll find the first great invention of Thomas Edison, The Phonograph. While trying to record telephone communication, Edison ended up developing, what the kids today call, the turntable. Who would have thought the first song the first DJ ever spun was "Mary Had A Little Lamb"?

Now well over 100 years later, the turntable is still used today and still strikes up a good debate between DJs of all kinds. Old school DJs would claim that you aren't a true DJ unless you spin vinyl and using CDs is just straight blasphemy. More modern DJs ditched the milk crates and swear by laptops. Whatever style you prefer, next time you hit the town to catch DJ Steve Powers or Calvin Harris, just remember that if it wasn't for DJ Tommy E, no one would’ve ever come "Straight Outta Compton" and your Saturday night would be a lot less fun.

Barky Turntable

Your Vinyl Goes Au Natural

What happens when the wheels of steel become wheels of… wood? You get an amazingly unique turntable that can turn any party out—The Barky Turntable  ($1,300). The Barky’s base is a slice of solid ash, and though it may look rustic, it delivers incredibly high performance. This gem from Audiowood features a Rega RB301 arm and Rega Bliss cartridge, Premotech motor, heavyweight glass platter and premium power supply. It sits on solid brass chromed spikes and is finished with hand-rubbed polyurethane and paste wax. And you thought nature was boring.